This was a personal project that I made to explore creative direction, ad development, campaign creation, and production. I chose Diesel because they have repeatedly pushed the envelope in their existing ad imagery and concepts.
I was thinking about motivation, expectations of ourselves and others...boundaries, how far is too far? How far is just enough? How can we push back against mediocrity? What would make us want to? How can we stay growing as humans?
After pondering that, and wanting to push boundaries using select images from my previous work and inspiration from one of Diesel's other campaigns, I came up with the #dieselproverbs concept. The proverbs are meant to encourage thought and exploration of what's inside of the viewer, whether that be personally, professionally, physically or emotionally.

How far can you push yourself? What if it's really hard? Would you still do it?

Photos by Rafa Catala and Diesel.
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