This was a group project built on research about budgeting in the lives of 20-somethings. It included user research, demographic interviews, and exploring a product we could come up with that would revolutionize their habits or meet a need found in the course of the research. It's called Plenty because at the end of the project we realize that our demographic is in need of Plenty of resources to help them navigate things like budgeting and adulthood.

After a series of interviews with at least thirteen 20-somethings, we chose a few to analyze. These were the results....
To finish off this project, we created a few mockups of our rough prototypes to explore how the app would not only integrate as a feature of different banking's online systems, but also about how it would function with the user in a real life application. We realized that our target audience was struggling with budgeting and lifeskills that aren't covered in school, and we thought that the app would be able to partner with other business providers like Turbotax and Greenchef, to offer services for free or for a discounted rate, to encourage things like successful completion of taxes, or cooking at home instead of eating out.

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